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[edit] Welcome to the Caucho Resin 4.x Wiki

For Resin version 3 and earlier, please visit

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[edit] Resin Cloud deployment with Amazon


This tutorial is going to cover the basics of using Resin with Amazon Web Services for cloud deployment. If you are new to cloud computing and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), follow along and you will soon be deploying Java web applications in the cloud. You wil create an EC2 instance. You will download and install Resin on Ubuntu on a local machine. You will install Resin on an Amazon Linux AMI instance (EC2 instance).

For this tutorial you will need Resin 4.0.31 or later. Check back periodically because as we are going to expand the tutorial and improve Resin's support of cloud deployments. The Resin engineering team plans on improving cloud support continuously. (more...)

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